Laser facial rejuvenation as a way for the recovery of the skin (review papers)

To improve the skin and eliminate the signs of photo-aging, is applied to the laser, rejuvenation, face, and other parts of the body. The procedure is applicable to a more secure, trusted, virtual cosmetics, and gives you the results that you want. Pleasantly surprised with the patient, and the cost of laser skin rejuvenation is an order of magnitude less than that of other methods and cosmetic of the exposure to the skin.

  • The details and the essence of the procedure is
  • On the down side the laser hardware techniques
  • The good thing about the procedures, and the use of the method
  • Description and types of laser for facial rejuvenation
  • The indications for the procedure
  • Indications and Contra-indications to the procedure-laser facial rejuvenation
  • It is afraid of the side effects
  • The order of performance of procedures other than

What is the procedure for laser rejuvenation of the skin?

the essence of the procedure, the laser skin rejuvenation

The characteristics of the general act to protect the human body from exposure to various mechanical, physical and chemical factors, with each year that goes by they lose their elasticity, covered in wrinkles and folds, its color becomes paler, and on the surface they appear repulsive types of pigmentation spots.

The first ones with subtle wrinkles (most commonly the eyes will start to appear close to thirty years of age, and after forty years, at least, the loss of firmness of the skin, the integument, and they are fixed and cover the whole of the skin on the nasty mail. This is most frequently a sad of the fair sex, who does not want to fast for your age.

It helps with the aging beauty come to laser. Under the influence of the laser beams occurs in the burning of the top layer of the hard-on you have lost the elasticity of the cells, and it is the start of a mechanism for accelerating the production of collagen and elastin in the nearby living cells. When you do this, the regeneration of the structural elements of the skin that occurs only in subjects exposed to the laser beams. It is bordered with the areas of the skin may remain in their original form.

The result of this process, it may occur that a substantial rejuvenation of the skin, the complexion, the disappearance of small-and medium-sized wrinkles, and even restore the facial contour.

Laser, state of the art equipment, even for a non-surgical lift of the chin, which indicates a positive response in the patients who have passed the procedure of laser skin under the chin.

Innovation-at & t-rejuvenation

Dot com-a renewal is a new and modern sino-american method, with the use of cutting-edge technology. This is a high-performance, and pass through the phase centers of aesthetic and plastic surgery clinics. This system is a versatile tool for tackling the problems caused by the aging of the skin due to a reason that is natural, organic, withered muscle, and the connective tissue.

In the case of a laser, the dot com of the rejuvenation of the skin, the same applies to the impact of the carbon dioxide laser with a wide wave-length. Using advanced laser beam to shine into the deep layer of the skin to occur:

  • the recovery of the flow of the lymph and the circulation of the blood.
  • the increase in the production of collagen and elastin;
  • the gain of the regeneration of the connective tissue;
  • the increase in the turgor of the skin;
  • eliminate the appearance of age spots, and other diseases, and other vascular diseases of veins and ductile connections.

When you dot com-the rejuvenation of the instrument acts on the skin gently, and can, therefore, carry out an anti-aging procedure on the eyelids, neck and neckline. The sensitivity of the skin, pain threshold, and the strength of the action of the sensors of the device depends on the intensity of the sensations during the course of the session. During the conflicts in the handling of the patient is comfortable, you will be prompted to apply it from 1 of the methods of local anesthesia, in a place where it is provided by the influence of the laser beam.

At & t-procedure gives a positive result, step by step. First of all, the patient is not able to assess the consequences of this are, because it may occur with swelling and redness of the skin and complexion. It is only after the 14 days, it will be the optimal one.

The types of peels and laser

the types of peels and laser

Laser skin rejuvenation is an excellent alternative to a surgical face-lift. Laser peeling can be of various types.

  • From the surface, with the capability of processing and analyzing the tension of the epidermis (the top layer of the skin). With the help of the surface of a body scrub may be, almost instantly, to soften the uneven skin, and get rid of the ugly stains of age and older. The procedure for the surface treatment of the peel do to your machine, the sensitive areas of the skin in the area around the eyes, on the lips, on the area of the neck-and-neck. Procedures of this type can be classified as a laser, the processes of destruction of the skin (all types), and the advanced facial rejuvenation (for the large majority of their species). The surface of the body scrub is enough of a traumatic procedure. For the complete recovery of the skin after it for a week or two.
  • In The Middle Of The. This type of peel is able to remove the Horny cells, which are located in the bottom (basal) layer of the skin. The area of exposure, and median Polish are the same as the areas of the skin of the face, neck, hands, and in the area of the neck. With your help, it will affect the appearance of wrinkles of varying degrees of severity, they are doing it with the straightening of the keloid scars, and stretch marks, removes shallow scars that remain after acne, warts, and papilloma, as well as, essentially, the line, the color of the face, helping to eliminate stains from the skin. Medium peels may be performed in a fractional method, in which the irradiation of the skin, frequently the mesh of the beam is made up of different types of laser: erbium? the neodymium laser, and a t. d. pro's and con's of each and every one of them are not caused by various wavelengths, the method of implementation and procedures of the various degrees of the depth of penetration into the tissue. The absolute advantage, before lasers, and other species that do not have any of the device. There is a fundamentally different method of execution was the median Polish: the so-called laser dermabrasion and. What's all this about? During the procedure, laser resurfacing, this type, together with the beams of the laser beams on the skin, it takes a great deal of excess energy, which leads to the formation of the microexplosions, which was followed by the inevitable contamination of the tissue subjected to laser exposure. Resurfacing with the laser is carried out, generally, the erbium laser.
  • Deep. And the most efficient methods of deep the peeling off of the laser are procedures that are often referred to as a "non-surgical lift is the laser skin rejuvenation facial machine skin rejuvenation.

The unit consists of a manager, a microprocessor, a kit of nozzles and with a-sv in the fridge, then sends it to the skin in the beams of the laser beams, thus forming a fairly dense mesh.

the techniques of skin rejuvenation and laser

The technique of RF-skin rejuvenation and offers to the penetration of laser rays into the deep layers of the skin, which when exposed to heat it is exposed to the rf energy, so that it is on time of the heating the problem areas of the face and body.

Both of these techniques in laser skin rejuvenation and fractional RF skin rejuvenation face — to contribute to the label of the collagen bundles and the formation of at least one of them is a kind of recognition of the steel frame for the skin as well as revitalizing regenerative and rejuvenative process in an area at risk when exposed to laser energy.

Your safety and the safety of low-trauma to either of the preceding methods gives you the ability to affect not only the skin of the hands and neck, but also to perform skin rejuvenation around the eyes.

The depth of the laser peel it promotes a strain sufficient emphasis on the fine lines and wrinkles, essentially, to align the color of the face and creates the effect of a rejuvenated skin. As a result, the woman gets to the centre of the view, without the plastic surgery.

The major advantage of the methods and of the RF laser for skin rejuvenation is increasing with the effect. After I pass the recommended for the beautician course and enter your e-mail address on the state of the skin, and continuously improved over the course of six months.

Of deep the peeling off of the laser can be also produced in the apparatus 2, however, its impact in the hands of too few qualified staff may leave deep scars on the skin of the patient, as this is most often used as a scalpel in plastic surgery.

The procedure for the processing of surface and middle-sea salt exfoliation followed under local anesthesia. Of deep the peeling off of the laser that requires the application of general anesthesia in a specialized environment of a hospital.

The choice of peel will depend on the complexity of the cosmetic defect.

The pros and cons of the procedure

Laser skin rejuvenation has the following disadvantages:

  • not all the wrinkles are smoothed out in this way;
  • for the duration of the procedure, when the serious defects of the skin and the scars that are processed by up to three times, with an interval of at least six months.
  • the pain of the procedure;
  • the inability to carry out the procedure when there are no sores on the skin;
  • the recovery of the long-term for the skin;
  • the prohibition on exposure to sunlight after the procedure;
  • a strong effect on the skin of the laser, many of the moves difficult;
  • price of the service.

The benefits of exposure to the laser

  • efficiency – this is how the result is seen immediately.
  • the versatility of the method that is suitable for skin of any type;
  • the security risk of the occurrence of reports of reports of problems during the implementation of the recommendations is minimized;
  • it is not necessary for the surgical procedure.

We also need to have to have to observe a fractional method, as well as he is, has more dignity. If you use it, your skin is hardly damaged, and recovered very quickly. During a session the fractional method is processed, it is a very large area of the skin. In addition, the method is completely safe to use.

What is the advanced grinding mill?

advanced grinding

Fractional rejuvenation of the skin, in cases in which there is no need for you to explain the laser treatment on a large area of the skin, and it is enough to remove any small scars or blemishes from the skin.

To this end, shall carry out the odd cases of the spray by using a delicate laser-erbium. The manufacturers of the medical equipment began to unnamed unnamed to the launch of the compact devices that allow you to carry out such a manipulation in the home.

In some of the materials viewed on the internet, you will be able to meet the claim, saying that it's the laser machine, choose the force of impact on the general characteristics. This statement has to be assigned to the wrong category, since only a qualified specialist is able to identify the unit and the length of the beam from the laser, you should apply to the exposure of the general characteristics of the individual patient.

All of the settings of the laser to the machine they are run on a strictly individual basis. To work with the laser, the practitioner must have a special permit, and it is sufficient for highly qualified.

She turned to the clinic, make sure that you obtain information about the level of skill of practicing it professionals, regardless of their participation in the business of national and international seminars and conferences.

The indications for the procedure

the indications for the procedure

The Laser technology is able to revive, for dealing with those fine lines and wrinkles, pigment spots, and minor scars. At times, some of the women who complain about the state of deterioration, and especially after the use of this technique, such as fractional laser skin rejuvenation of the face. It may depend on the type of skin and the availability of a range of diseases.

So, before you leave for your procedure, visit your medical doctor, and, better yet, go to the completing the survey.

The indications for laser skin rejuvenation are:

  • moderately expressed in skin wrinkles;
  • the presence of uneven staining or the appearance of age spots on the skin;
  • large pores;
  • the presence of scars on the surface, it might look like after the nails, or a frog.

If contra-indications do not exist, then the procedure is carried out already at the age of 18. Fractional ownership is the survey of your health care provider can recommend to go when you are separated from the defects of the skin.

That is, the laser biorevitalizatsiya?

This is a laser rejuvenation of the skin covering the face and the body, and the impact of the hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin. This is a new technology that allows the operation to correct deep scars and wrinkles, it aims to enhance the potential of the human body.

the laser biorevitalizatsiya
  • That is the essence of this technological innovation? On the skin of the issues on the stage of the body and apply a certain amount of low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, with the aid of a laser, is expected to be in the basal layer of the skin.
    The method of laser biorevitalisation is summed up in the non-injection introduction of a special hyaluronic acid.
  • For that it is necessary to modify the structure of hyaluronic acid, which, at first, is a high-molecular (quasi-polymer) of a connection? The fact is that the high molecular hyaluronic acid is not able to penetrate the thickness of human skin is a complicated structure of molecules, made up of a lot of time to chat. Structured the same as a acid, making it low-molecular-weight, you will gain the ability to penetrate the upper layers of the skin. The impact of a laser beam re-connects to the short molecular chain, turning the acid into a polymer, which contributes to the retention of moisture in cells of the human skin, creating the effect of a voltage of the l'oreal the l'oreal, it is not subject to the age changes of the skin.
  • To carry out the procedure biorevitalisation, if applied in the infrared ("cold"), and the laser, the impact of which is different levels of intensity.
    Through the promotion of a laser-structured, hyaluronic acid-without a job, reaching the lower layers of the skin, one at a time, and evenly spread the filling to overcome it (layers). The skin does not get hot, and after biorevitalisation doesn't start to peel off and you do not have to fear of exposure to the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. With this procedure of laser biorevitalisation can be done, even in the summer.
  • In order to facilitate the delivery of hyaluronic acid in the problem areas of the skin, the upper layers of the skin and soften using a hot pack, and then carry out easy to clean perfect perfect peel. Once you have the procedure of laser biorevitalisation, causing your skin clean, especially of the chemical composition of the structure with hyaluronic acid and collagen.
    The impact of the laser is carried out with the help of a special nozzle. No pain, and when this does not occur (this is confirmed by the testimonies of the patients are women).
  • The Laser skin rejuvenation method of biorevitalisation is a different, and more rapid updating of the skin and the integument, which is why the depth of the impact of injection on the skin, of the composition.

The potential consequences and the hidden dangers

In compliance with all applicable rules, laser skin rejuvenation, and the use of the instrument, with no complications, you will not receive any of them. However, the variance of all of the give as you give the instructions in full to such undesirable consequences, such as:

  • the occurrence of reports of reports of burns of various degrees;
  • the formation of the sores;
  • the death of the skin.

To avoid any problems prior to the procedure, always make sure to check for the existence of the license and the certificate of the equipment, as well as a certificate of qualification in beauty. It also, necessarily, to read all the comments on the Internet for information on selected clinical and technical support.

You have any contra-indications to the procedure, the laser skin rejuvenation facial?

Contraindications to the use of the laser for facial rejuvenation, it is, of course, there are.

contraindications to the use of the laser for skin rejuvenation

Here is a list of the worst of them:

  • Diseases and neoplasm.
  • Diabetes of any kind.
  • Cardiovascular disease in the acute phase.
  • A number of diseases of the blood, which contribute to a lack of blood clotting.
  • Consumer complaints and diseases of viral etiology, which is accompanied by an increase in the temperature of the body.
  • Many of the diseases.
  • Exacerbated by herpes infections and in the presence of a herpes rash on the area of the alleged impact zone.
  • Pustular eruption on the skin.
  • After the pregnancy and the breastfeeding period of a baby.
  • In the presence of a mental illness, using names, using the names of disorders.
  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  • High blood pressure, and arterial hypertension.
  • Up to the age of 17 years and due to the possible risk of a breach in the structure of the skin), and after 60 years of age (due to a slow-down of all of the recovery processes).
  • In the recent sun tan.

Skin care after laser

After each session, your skin should be able to take care of it. At this time in their cells, and are activated by the process of the reconstruction. And so they went in the way you specified, you will need to follow the simple rules.

the care of the skin after the procedure

In the course of 2 weeks, not sure about the application of moisturizers and creams with hyaluronic acid masks at the base of the hyaluronate.

The overlap of the cosmetic to the face is allowed in through out the day, but it should not be the same for easy, low-fat composition. And this is to scrub and peel to the mid-depth average of a shame to forget about it until that skin is not going to go back to its natural color.

For instance in the reports of the reports of hyperpigmentation protecting creams against the sun's rays are necessary, since, especially, after the procedure, the skin is vulnerable to uv light. You need cream with a sunscreen with spf 30 or more.

To help speed up the recovery, after laser intervention, and the use of vitamins, strengthen the action, rinse, boil the water, and ozonated water, walking in the open air.

Proper skin care after laser skin rejuvenation will help you to maintain the positive results obtained from this procedure.

The possible consequences of laser skin rejuvenation

In addition to the mass of the positive aspects of laser skin rejuvenation can have side effects. Occasionally, you may experience:

the possible effects of the procedure
  1. The Appearance of mild itching.
  2. The education is a lot more bright spots the main area of influence of the laser beam.
  3. The activation of the herpes virus.
  4. The violation of the integrity of the skin complexion: your exfoliate, skin burns, and the appearance of pressure sores.

In the vast majority of cases, these symptoms go for up to several days. In some patients, the side effects are not to be missed, because of the structure and the sensitivity of the skin are all quite different.

It has the very rare group of patients ' (and a little more than 4 per cent), and the laser procedure for facial rejuvenation have resulted in the creation of the following negative points:

  1. The leather, hell-bent on seborrhea, and covered himself with white's acne (in the miliums).
  2. After the procedure, and were left with scars, or keloid scars.
  3. The skin is the beginning of a difficult to produce the pigment, which caused the hyperpigmentation.
  4. There was the deterioration of the shingles, and the intensification of its eruptions (although the prevention.

On the down side the laser hardware techniques

As with the majority of the procedures are relaxing and rejuvenating, the laser method has its pros and cons. On the negative side, there are the following:

  1. Laser facial rejuvenation is not able to deal with all of the wrinkles.
  2. The impact of the laser on the unit is done only at the shallow wrinkles.
  3. If there are any scars, they are handled several times in the sessions, which are divided into 3 treatments with the laser and the semi-annual interval.
  4. The healing process is a long-term, you'll need more than 2 weeks to the skin has healed. At this point, it is forbidden to appear in the sun. You have to deal with the areas of exposure to the laser, and the special creams and antibiotic ointments.
  5. Many of the patients feel pain, does not help even a pain.
  6. If you have a skin injury (eg, burn), following the procedure of skin rejuvenation, the laser is put back.

How many times should you do this, laser facial rejuvenation?

how many times do the same

Fractional laser rejuvenation of the different areas of the face (or the sme-rejuvenation, the procedure of the last generation, and it is gradually replacing the once-popular technique of laser resurfacing of the skin.

Recommended for experienced cosmetologists rate of exposure of the laser on the aging of the skin of the face should be in opus incertum, of which at least five of the procedures, are separated from each other at the five-day break. On the other hand, there is the possibility to create an individual program that takes into account the unique characteristics of the skin covering the patient's care. In this program, you can doctor, doctor.

The first few of the positive changes (the feeling of the skill of the skin, smoothing out wrinkles in the surface, enhancing the colour and structure of the skin integument) are generally seen as through 3-4 days after the first session.

Wholly past, in the course of the laser skin rejuvenation leads to a significant stretch, and wrinkle, solution for scars, stretch marks, stretched out, and then, in the elimination of age spots and to create the effect of the lifting of the skin.

Fractional facial rejuvenation gives the effect of a continuous over a number of years. The minimum that can be considered efficient, based on the one-year period. As for the practice, as early as a woman's access to aid from the beauticians, the better it is.

Suitable for ages here, they are practically absent (17 years old), and the method is also a good help, and the young girls, they dream to get rid of the scars that are left after acne, and women of a certain age who want to have a little bit more, it is not the part of young people, and to the left.

Rehabilitation after laser resurfacing can take anywhere from 7 to 14 days (depending on the complexity of the correct the defect, and the type of exposure to the laser).

The tactic right after the procedure

the technique of the procedure

The importance of facial rejuvenation and laser for the majority of the customers have been over-estimated. They believe, erroneously, that the final result is pre-determined, uniquely, on the ability of the treating physician. But, in reality, it is a procedure that occurs in the office of the beautician, it requires the back-of-care. When it is done correctly, resulting in an effect that persists for a very long time.

After the procedure, the beautician it should be in a short time is denoted:

  • Affect, the body's need for water or steam – they have access to a swimming pool, a sauna and a steam room.
  • Exposing the skin to ultraviolet radiation from the sun – soak up the sun in the solarium or on the beach.
  • To perform beauty treatments on offer in the nature of aggressive peels, dermabrasion.
  • Antibiotics, medications and hormones.
  • Take actions that help to speed up the circulation of the blood, and its influence on the face of the massage and physical exercise.
  • The use of the outdoors. The treated skin is very sensitive, the impact to the environment can negatively affect the condition of your skin.
  • It is also not recommended for the first time, the use of decorative make-up. In particular it applies to the matter of the application of the half-tones.

The patient may need to be applied to the skin, with special medicines, in which it is present, dexpanthenol. The need to distribute the medicine into the skin until complete solution of the stain master in the face of the irritation is a typical way to do this. When the color of the cover, is it normal to be able to fully restore your skin with the help of a cream with hyaluronic acid in the composition.

To execute any and all, especially the alcohol, it is strictly recommended! In the place of processing, has formed a scab – do not reject in your hair. The violation of the integrity and increase the risk of developing a bacterial infection.

The Laser method of skin rejuvenation – is the alternative for those who are not willing to go for injection and manipulation in plastic surgery. For a complete solution to the defect, many patients are you want to the individual the number of sessions. Multiplicity defines the aesthetic, then, to visit it, you will need to in person: the conversation online, – bad choice for the obtaining of the advice.


Laser facial rejuvenation: what is it?" This is sino-american — promise in the area of application of bezoperatsionnaya techniques, which require the development of a skilled exploration of technical devices. After it has been used by a consumer of beauty services, skin rejuvenation, laser you receive is inconsistent in the evaluation.

Some people call it a very painful procedure, other high — speed cologne-method of dealing with the elderly. Laser rejuvenation of the face, in the comments on that are so contradictory, it's a lot easier than surgery.