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  • Йорданка
    Age, I have young and wrinkle was enough. There are problems with the endocrine system, perhaps, this caused a worsening of the appearance of the skin. A friend gave-cream-mask bioretin. First, I contest the cover of the magazine", as a sort of allusion, that the appearance is not very good, but when he has transformed my skin, so I was very grateful. Now, I advise everyone bioretin.
  • Георги
    I bought this cream for the wife, the result is very visible. Age has its, for me, personally, their wrinkles do not interfere, but look how she was experiencing, I could not. All types of injection, it is counter-indicated, therefore, asked for the daughter, for that he found on the internet, the best option is one of the tools available. Efficiency surprised even me – wife помолодела 10 years, for sure!
  • Марийка
    My skin is now the second youth. After the stress, I started to be more like an old lady, a young woman. Money on expensive treatments, injections and hardening I do not have. I read in a forum about the cream bioretin and I decided to try, I Thought, everything is equal to nothing to lose, and I was right – lost nothing, and gained radiant, soft, smooth skin!
  • Виолета
    I was always an assistant in a salon for cosmetics, but a time that urgently needs to do a peeling, and the seats to my coach left, that had to enrol in another salon. After the inspection, the assistant said that none of peeling and other treatments, that offers me my beautician, I don't need. The skin in order, she simply does not have care. Then she said that the cream bioretin. I decided to test his words, but, suddenly, and the truth is that I simply be wasting money. And the beautician does not you not – after two weeks of using the cream my face was all the time, and the wrinkle less marked.
  • Васил
    My mother was not an easy life, and I wanted to give her that would remind her that she is a woman. I bought a large bouquet of flowers, favorite scents and cream bioretinwho advised me to friend. After a few weeks, once again came to visit us and was surprised, because my mother was very different. The cream is very good aligned on the skin, the face become smooth and oval has decreased.
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