Skin rejuvenating cosmetic procedure - beauty does not bite

salon treatments for skin rejuvenation

The most well-known skin rejuvenation procedures are as follows: mesotherapy, mesolifting, Dysport injection, contour modeling, biorevitalization.

For centuries, women have strived to look beautiful. The dream of any woman is to always be young, beautiful and tidy. Today this problem is not a problem, technology has evolved so that they can solve almost all skin rejuvenation problems effectively.


One of the most advanced skin rejuvenation procedures in the field of cosmetology, it has been used by cosmetologists for over fifty years. The main task that mesotherapy can accomplish is the correction of age-related changes that occur not only on the face, but also in other areas of the body.

The essence of the procedure: makeup artist injects various nutrients under the skin using microneedle. These can be herbal ingredients, minerals, amino acids, or vitamins.

This cosmetic procedure makes the skin more elastic, speeds up the skin's metabolic processes, improves blood circulation. Mesotherapy should be performed if the first wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, vascular "stars", scars in the form of scars appear on the skin, as well as cellulite and hair loss.

The effects of the anti-aging procedure will last for about six months. The skin after mesotherapy will be neat and renewed.


This procedure is suitable for older skin. This procedure combines two others: biopilling and mesotherapy.

mesolifting procedures for skin rejuvenation

The first treatment helps to remove dead cells using algae and dead sea salt products. The second - tightens the skin and slows down the aging process by introducing special preparations.

Mesolifting is performed not only on the skin of the face, but also on the décolleté, neck, and scalp. As a result, after the rejuvenation procedure, the skin is flattened, the skin recovers, the neck skin is tightened, and the hair structure becomes healthier.

Special drug injections

Special preparations are used, which contain inactive botulinum toxin. The main task is to smooth the wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead, nasolabial groove.

The injection takes about 10-15 minutes, the effect lasts up to six months. Cosmetologists recommend the drug in the following cases: wrinkles around the eyes, nose and forehead, with asymmetry of the eyebrows and corners of the mouth, with increased sweating (armpits, palms, feet).

Contour Modeling

Contouring helps in the fight against old age wrinkles. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are injected deep under the skin to smooth out wrinkles and creases on the face.

The effect after this procedure is amazing: the skin is fresh again, wrinkles and creases are smoothed, the cheekbones get the required volume, the shape of the lips is corrected. Contour modeling can be done about once a year, and does not require recovery time after the procedure.


biorevitalization procedures for skin rejuvenation

It is considered the safest anti-aging procedure in the field of cosmetology. By using this method, skin imperfections are corrected not only on the face, but also on the décolleté, neck, inside of the arms and thighs. After the procedure, the skin becomes elastic, healthy and taut.

Biorevitalization is recommended if the skin is sagging or dull and dull, there are acne, age spots. Often, biorevitalization is used in a complex of rejuvenating recovery procedures, for example, after various types of exfoliation, plastic surgery. Often, this method is used in conjunction with preparations to correct expression wrinkles.

After biorevitalization, the skin becomes taut, the skin recovers, fine wrinkles are smoothed, deep wrinkles become less noticeable.